Podcast: My Podcasts now on iTunes!!

Podcast: If you are interested in learning about the process on how I make podcasts, read this article.

I’m so excited to have my podcasts available on iTunes! You can check out my podcast on iTunes here: 


You can also search in iTunes: “TIME MANAGEMENT: Saving 4 HOURS a Week”

iTunes Podcast

How to set up a Podcasting WordPress site (video tutorial):

I use a WordPress plugin and called “Seriously Simple Podcasting”. This plugin and allows me to easily upload a podcast onto my WordPress website. By simply installing and activating the plugin, I can take an audio file on my computer and upload it, fill in a description, and voila! It’s on my podcasts webpage.

I used the Windows Sound Recorder that comes with windows 7 to record my podcasts. The audio file gets saved and in WAV format, so I need to use the Real Player Converter to convert the WAV file into a MP3 file. This is because if I upload the file as a WAV file, the WordPress Media player does not load properly. After I converted my files into the MP3 format, the Wordpress Media player loads properly. People can either listen to the podcast streaming on my web page, or they can download it onto their computer or device. Now, they can also get my podcasts on iTunes.

There are still many things I can do to improves the quality of my podcasts. After starting to make my own podcasts, I started to realize all the little details that can make a podcast great or only good. The best way to improve the quality of my own podcasts is to listen to how other experienced podcasters do their podcasts. Podcasts are a great way to spend time learning.

There are many free podcasts on iTunes.

How to submit a podcast to iTunes (video tutorial)

This is the video tutorial that I followed to upload my podcasts onto iTunes.

Podcasting for Dummies

I listened to the podcast Podcasting for Dummies by Tee Morris while I am on the bus on my work or going home from work. His podcast is a really great resource for somebody who is aspiring to become a podcaster.

Why I do Podcasts

Doing a Podcast is great!

Podcasting gives me another way to reach my audience. Some people like to learn visually, they like to read books and articles. Other people like two learn through audio and listening. They like to learn by listening to podcasts, or other audio formats. 

Podcasts are also great as they can let my audience know more about myself, and about my personality that an ebook or webpage cannot provide. It lets me interact with some more on a more informal basis while providing quality content. 

Podcasts are the future of learning

Going forward into the future, I believe mobile devices are the way of the future. More and more people are absorbing content from their mobile devices. Podcasts are a great way to interact with the audience on their mobile devices. It’s is so important to make content available for mobile devices. 



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