NEW: Podcasts available on my website!

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Today is January 16, 2016. I’ve just recorded my first 2 podcast episodes and posted them on my website: [UPDATE January 31, 2016: There are now 5 podcast episodes and they are available both on my website and on iTunes! On iTunes, search “TIME MANAGEMENT: Saving 4 HOURS a Week”]

This is very exciting!

At first I had some difficulties. I first started using my built-in laptop microphone, using Sound Recorder that comes with Windows 7, but there was a lot of background noise the built-in microphone picked up, and even using Audacity I couldn’t remove all the background noise. Then I took out a microphone I had and used it to record. The sound was a lot clearer :)

Then I downloaded the WordPress plug-in called “Seriously Simple Podcasting”. After installing the plug-in, I uploaded my podcasts to my website. I ran into another problem that the WordPress media player wouldn’t load. There was only the option to download the file, but won’t let people just click a button and start listening. 

After some searching and experimenting I found out that it was because my podcasts were saved in WMA format instead of MP3. So I converted my files to MP3 and re-uploaded them. Now the media player works, and people can just click “play” on the podcasts webpage to listen without first downloading the file.

Now I’ve run into another issue. While the podcasts work on a computer browser, the podcasts don’t show up on my iPhone. I need to figure this out.



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