My New Book: Bookkeeping & Accounting Explained for Small Business & Home Business

12. Bookkeeping & Accounting ExplainedDear friends,

I published a new book! It’s FREE to download this weekend. My goal is to have 100 downloads this weekend. Please help me achieve my goal by downloading it, sharing on social media, and leaving a review on Amazon! Thank you very much~

BOOKKEEPING & ACCOUNTING Explained for Small Business & Home Business the Easy Way (Over 25+ Examples!)



Calvin K. Lee, MBA, CPA, CA, CPA (Illinois)

is the best-selling author of Bookkeeping & Accounting Basics For Small Business & Home Business: Over 20 Examples of Bookkeeping & Accounting Transactions! and “Time Management: Saving 4 Hours a Week”

He is a professional accountant, university instructor, author, composer, and teacher.


Are you a bookkeeper, accounting, or wishing you were one?

Do you find accounting & bookkeeping concepts difficult to understand from textbooks?


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***You can learn bookkeeping & accounting effortlessly and easily***

– This book comes from my 10 years of professional accounting experience as a CPA.

– I will explain the bookkeeping & accounting concepts to you in a way you can easily understand.

– I include lots of examples to demonstrate the accounting concepts.

– Anyone can do it including you.

*** Become a Competent Bookkeeper or Accountant!***

– In this book I discuss how to do everyday accounting tasks such as bank reconciliations, mortgage/loan amortization, recording amortization of capital assets, month-end/year-end accruals.

– It is easier than you think to learn accounting!

***Over 25+ examples!***

– All you have to do is follow the examples given in the book.

– Choose the ones that work best in your circumstances.

***Learn how to record Investments and Investment Income***

– If your business has extra cash, you may want to invest in term deposits or stock market.

– Investments earn the business more money.

– This book guides you how to record the transactions from your investment statements.

– Follow the simple steps to achieve your financial goal.

***How to set up a new accounting software from scratch***

– Bonus chapters show you how to set up an accounting software from scratch.

– Learn how to set up a trial balance, create a new company, and set up vendors and customers.

***Anyone Can Do It***

– Get this book now and learn what you need to get started in bookkeeping & accounting.

– Buy with 1-Click available.

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