iPhone tips & tricks: Siri, the iPhone voice assistant

If you have an iPhone 4S or later, you can use Apple’s newest mobile operating system iOS 9. I’ve been a fan of Apple for years, and it has made daily life and tasks so much easier and convenient.

If you own an iPhone, you might as well learn to use the cool features that comes with it. You’re holding a device that costs you hundreds of dollars, even beyond $1,000 if you go for the latest model and the largest storage space capacity iPhone, currently at 128 GB. 

If you are planning to get an iPhone, don’t even consider the 16 GB model. You’ll run out of space simply by upgrading your iOS (which takes 1 GB+ every time Apple comes out with a new version of iOS) and downloading a few apps (some apps take up to 300 MB or more).

I use Siri all the time. Siri is Apple’s voice-assistant on the iPhone. Siri is able to do many things, including setting alarms, making reminders, putting appointments on your calendar, sending a text message, searching something on the Internet, etc.

Example 1

I’ve learned something cool about Siri, which is location-based reminders. For example, I can hold the Home button and say,

“Remind me when I leave here.”

Siri will then ask me, “Ok, tell me what you want to be reminded about.”

I can say, “Visit Richard.”

Siri will then say, “Ok, I’ll remind you.”

When I leave my current location, once Siri detects I leave about 100m from my current destination, it will pop up on the locked screen a reminder to visit Richard.

Pretty cool!

Example 2

I can also set a location-based reminder for when I arrive at a location. For example, I can say,

“Remind me when I get home.”

Siri will then ask me, “Ok, tell me what you want to be reminded about.”

“Remind me to call John.”

Siri will then say, “Ok, I’ll remind you.”

Then when I arrived home, Siri puts a notification on my locked screen reminding me to call John.

In order to use location-based services, you have to go into Settings > Privacy > Location services > and turn Location services on for notifications. I love this feature.

Of course, Siri can still do the time-based reminders.

Example 3

If I hold down my Home button on my iPhone and say,

“Siri, remind me at 11am to do my report.”

Siri will say, “Ok, I’ll remind you.”

At 11am, Siri will remind me to do my report. Pretty cool!

I can also use Siri to set appointments on my calendar. I can set my Google Calendar on my iPhone settings as my default calendar so if I’m on my computer I can access my Google Calendar.

I can say,

“Siri, set an appointment on Friday at 12pm for lunch with Sandy.”

Siri will say, “Ok, I’ve set a appointment. Shall I create it?”

Then I just need to say “Confirm” or click the “Confirm” button on the screen.




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