How to Make New Friends and Make People Like You

Making New Friends

by Calvin K. Lee, MBA, CPA | Category: Inspirational Life

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How to Make New Friends and Make People Like You



People like to be around optimistic people and avoid pessimistic people. [Tweet this]

Tweet: People like to be around #optimistic people and avoid pessimistic people.

I like to hang out with optimistic people. These are the people who see the proverbial glass as half full. They take advantage of opportunities, they stay hopeful in difficult times, they smile even when times are tough. These people work hard, play hard. They challenge you to grow and see things differently.

The best book I’ve ever read about making friends, a super effective book from my personal experience, is How to Win Friends & Influence People

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There’s also the saying “misery likes company”, and pessimists like to hang out together. For me (I’m an optimist), I try to avoid those types of “misery parties” where the pessimists share about how negative this world is. They complain about their lives.


People like to make friends with people similar to themselves. [Tweet this]

IE7A7811If you are entrepreneurial minded, entrepreneurs will welcome you into their circles. If you enjoy travelling, people who enjoy travelling will want to hang out with you and share their latest adventures and hear about yours. If you are career driven, other career driven people will enjoy talking with you.

Find people who have similar interests and ambitions as you. If you are career driven and all your friends are slackers, you probably won’t have much support when you need it.

You also want to make new friends in case you outgrow some old friends, or your old friends enter a different life stage than you. For example, when people get married and start having kids, they will want to hang out with other new parents and share their life experiences.


People who are still single or do not have kids may not be able to contribute to the same topics of pregnancy or raising kids, so people who were once your best friends may end up choosing new best friends who are in the same life stage as themselves.

Please understand that this is very natural. At different life stages we must be willing to let go of people who have moved on in their lives.

At different life stages we must be willing to let go of people who have moved on in their lives. [Tweet this]

People like to be around people who are non-judgemental.

Try to find friends who are non-judgemental, people who allow people to be who they are without judging them on appearance, habit, or character traits. These people understand people have different strengths and weaknesses, preferences, needs, likes, and wants.

Some people have the habit of comparing themselves to other people, and judging other people by their appearance or habits. These are the people who gossip, and gossip is often the cause of relationship breakdowns.

You want to avoid judgemental people. They may cause more damage in your relationship than good.

How do you make new friends? Let me know your thoughts in a comment below.


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