Hootsuite: Why I love Hootsuite (Free Twitter Checklist at the end of article)

I love using Hootsuite because it allows me to schedule my social media posts in advance. This is a especially useful tool when I have a very busy schedule and it becomes increasingly difficult for me to post on social media on a regular basis.

How to schedule social media posts in Hootsuite

What I like to do is to schedule social media posts in advance. They go out on regular intervals on days that I specified. That’s way, I can go days or weeks or even months without having to manually manage my social media. It gives me the flexibility to do things I need to do.

If I want to post something on Twitter or Facebook I can still insert them. Those will be like bonuses among the regular tweets.

Signing up for a free account on Hootsuite

Using Hootsuite is pretty simple. Simply go to https://hootsuite.com to sign up for a free account. After that, you can go to the Hootsuite dashboard. What you need to do is to link your Twitter account. The linking process is a one time thing. After you link it, you will not have to repeat the linking process.

Compose, and schedule. It’s as simple as that!

Then all you have to do is to start composing a message. Then you select the appropriate social media channel and then click the calendar icon. You can choose to either auto schedule or select a specific dates and time of your choosing.

If you choose two auto schedule, Hootsuite will automatically schedule the tweets to go out at the best time, usually 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM.You can also scheduled your Facebook and WordPress posts within Hootsuite.

Hootsuite also allows you to view your twitter feed within the dashboard area. It has a very user friendly and easy to use interface.

One issue I have with Hootsuite is that after you schedule a certain amount of tweets, it no longer shows up on your “scheduled” column. I have found a solution to that. All you have to do is go to the left menu bar and select “publisher” and you will see all of your contents there.

Hootsuite for mobile devices (iPhone, Android, tablets, etc.)

Hootsuite is also available on mobile devices. There’s apps for iPhone and Android, so you can manage your social media on the go. Many social media users nowadays use their mobile devices to manage their content. The Hootsuite app is easy to use and very user-friendly. Hootsuite is currently working on a brand new updated app which I recently went to their headquarters in Vancouver, Canada to help them provide user feedback and testing their User Interface.

You can read about my adventure to the Hootsuite headquarters on my blog post here:


Hootsuite has also some cool built in features like analytics that make life easier for people using social media to track different data, helping users use their social media and target audience better.

Free Twitter checklist

Click here to download your free Twitter Checklist (.docx)



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