**Don’t be afraid to fail spectacularly!**

What is Success? What is Failure?

There is something majorly wrong with our education system. Students are taught success is good, and failure is bad. Students with high grades are awarded, and those that failed are punished.

If I remember correctly, Sir Winston Churchill, the famous Prime Minister of the U.K. during World War II, failed in school and only passed English and History. By education standards, Churchill is a failure. Yet he went on to become a hero in the history of the U.K. and the world for contributing to world peace.

There is a proverb in Chinese, “失败乃成功之母”. It means Failure is the Mother of Success. The proverb implies failure often precedes success. I can attest to that. All, — not most — successful people can attest to that. All entrepreneurs probably have their hands up right now.Everybody has failed in their lives at 1 point or a another. Nobody has made it through their life error free. There is a saying: “to err is human.” This was an essay topic during my grade 10 English class. 

The greater the person is successful, the more failures they’ve had to go through. I know that every time I’ve succeeded greatly, I’ve been through many, many hurdles. People only see the success which is only the tip of the iceberg. They do not see all the frustration and failures that accumulated to and bringing about the success. 

Example #1:
Abraham Lincoln, perhaps the most beloved president of the USA, was perhaps one of the most spectacular examples of failing a lot before succeeding. But I believe Lincoln became who he was because of his failure experiences. He got up stronger each time after falling down.Do a google search on Abraham Lincoln failures. You will be fascinated with what you read. 

Example #2:
Thomas Edison failed 1,000 times to invent the lightbulb. Did Edison think he “failed” 1,000 times? No. Edison said he *successfully* found 1,000 ways not to make a lightbulb!It’s all in the way you think. 

The examples are numerous.

If you’ve never failed, it means you’ve never tried. If you’ve never tried things beyond your comfort zone, you’ve likely never failed. That’s not a good thing. **If this describes you, you’re probably living a boring life and not living out your true potential.**

**The important thing to remember is failure often teaches us more about ourselves than success ever will.** In a popular martial arts novel and movie, there is a type of sword technique called The 9 Lonely Sword Technique. The swords master explained to his pupil (the main character) that this set of sword skills was invented from techniques that failed. He asked the pupil, “How many people truly learn from their failures?” It was with this sword technique that the main character beat the evil character.

If you’ve failed and genuinely tried your best, pat yourself in the back. Be inspired. Get up stronger and try again with your new experience. Keep doing this. One day you will succeed!

**Don’t be afraid to fail spectacularly!**



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