Belgian dark chocolate & Europe travel

Belgian Dark Chocolate Mocha at Waves Coffee

Do you want to give yourself a nice treat? Go to Waves Coffee and get one of their Belgian Dark Chocolate Mocha. I added cream on top of mine that just was the perfect “icing on the cake”.

As I sipped my Mocha it reminded me of the Belgian dark chocolate I tasted in Belgium while I was in Europe for my vacation in 2007. Belgian dark chocolate has a distinct flavor that brings pure joy, a harmonious blend of the bitterness of dark chocolate and a slight hint of sweetness.

Note: I don’t get a commission for promoting Waves Coffee, I just wanted to share the joy with my blog readers :)

In Belgium, I remember two wonderful things distinctly:

(1)    Belgian dark chocolate

(2)    Belgian waffles

When you combine Belgian dark chocolate on a Belgian waffle, it’s like heaven on earth. I still remember the waffles with sweet strawberries topped with a dark chocolate ganache sauce on top. The waffles were toasted with a crisp but not to the point of being hard. It was the right balance of crispiness and softness.

Europe Travel

My colleague who was with me said he has never been to Europe, but really wants to go. He asked me what some good places to go in Europe are.

Here were my suggestions:

1)      Paris – the capital of love and romance

Paris is the capital of love and romance, famous for its cafes and museums, art galleries. Paris is one of the most influential cultural, musical, and artistic center of Europe.

2)      London – historical, must see

London is the place to go where you can spend a lot of money and get the same thing as you would in Canada. If a McDonald’s Big Mac costs $6 here, it would cost 6 pounds in London. The exchange rate was nearly 2:1 when I went to London in 2007 so that’s twice the cost for the same Big Mac!

3)      Switzerland – pure beauty

Switzerland is one of the most beautiful places in the world. I said if he thought Lake Louise in Banff was beautiful (one of the most beautiful lakes in Canada), wait till he visits Switzerland. I told him how different the temperature is in Switzerland from the Swiss Alps to the city. When I went to Switzerland, I first went to St. Moritz from Italy, it was a ski resort. The temperature was -5 degrees Celsius and everyone wore their down feather jackets. The next day we drove down the Swiss Alps to the city of Lucern which was a couple hours away from Zὔrich. It was +25 degrees Celsius! Within a couple hours there was a temperature difference of 30 degrees! I took off my down feather jacket and wore T-shirt and shorts in Lucern.

4)      Rome

Italy is like a museum everywhere you go. You can see the Coliseum and amphitheatres and other cool architecture and relics. Italy is a country full of history and lots to see and do if you’re into the culture and history. Of course there’s great Italian food like pizza (their thin-crust pizza is way better than anything we have in North America) and spaghetti (I’ve never seen so many varieties of spaghetti in my life). And if you’re the more adventurous type, try Limoncello – a strong alcoholic drink made with, you guessed it, lemons! I could only drink this in small sips. It’s quite strong.

5)      Monacco

If you like the Grand Prix, luxury cars, and trying your luck at the casinos.



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