Anthony Robbins: Awaken the Giant Within Book Review

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Tony Robbins

Anthony Robbins (aka Tony Robbins) is an American motivational speaker. He is one of the best known motivational, inspirational speakers of our generation. He was born in the USA in 1960, and he stands at a whopping 2.01 meters high. He has been quoted numerous times in media.

Books by Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is also a personal finance instructor and self-help author. His most popular books include

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Awaken the Giant Within book review


Today I want to do a book review on “Awaken the Giant Within: How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial Destiny”, a #1 National Bestseller with over one million copies sold. This book is longer than most books at more than 500 pages, though when I read this book it was so practical, interesting, encouraging, and captivating that I read 500 pages without feeling overwhelmed. Tony Robbins uses a good mix of examples in his writing to illustrate important points.

From Unleash your power to a lesson in destiny

The book is divided into four parts.  The first part is called unleash your power.  The second part is called taking control of the master system.  The third party is called the seven days to shape your life.  The fourth part is called a lesson in destiny.

The book is written in plain English and is quite easy to understand.  Tony Robbins does a great job of listing all the steps in detail.  He talks about how to dream about destiny.  He talks about how to use decisions as the pathway to power.  He discusses belief systems which has the power to create or the power to destroy a person’s destiny.  He talks about the importance of using questions, which reminds me of the Socrates teaching method.  He talks about life values that is the person’s personal compass in life.  Without proper life values, a person is drifting along in life rather than making firm decisions and having a clear goal in life.

Link bad behaviors to pain

Our lives are shaped based on our daily decisions.  Our daily decisions lead to bigger decisions in life.  These decisions ultimately determine our destiny.  Our behaviors are based on our belief systems, values, and how we perceive our own identity.  One way to change our old behaviors, is to link pain to behaviors that we want to stop.  If we want to do something out of our comfort zone, we cannot let imagined fear hold us back.

Changing your life: action steps

To make changes in life, here are some steps:

  • Write down four actions you’ve been putting off

  • Write down why you haven’t taken action and what pain was linked

  • Write down the pleasure in the past that you have indulged in this negative pattern

  • Write down what it will cost if you don’t change now

  • Write down the pleasures of changing

  • Take action

Change your values, change your identity, change your life

As we live our lives, we attach values to the things around us.  In order to live better, we have to hold ourselves to a higher standard.  We must decide to change our identity, how we see ourselves.  If you want to quit a bad habit or addiction, for example, you have to change your identity to see yourself as a person free of the bad habit or addiction.

For more details you can pick up your copy of “Awaken the Giant Within” on Amazon. The book will change your life.



Tony Robbins has given his readers a great gift, a powerful book that has the ability to change lives forever. I highly recommend you pick up your copy of the book through Amazon today.

What do you think about Tony Robbins’ talks and books? Do you enjoy his talks and books? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.



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