25 Ways to Get More Twitter Followers

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I saw this good infographic on 25 ways to get more Twitter followers (from BloggingWizard.com). This post is for people who want to increase their Twitter followers.

I’ve had fairly good success in building Twitter followers using these tips and advice.

How to get more Twitter followers
How to get more Twitter followers

25 Ways to Get More Twitter Followers

1. Add a unique profile image

2. Create a unique header image (1500 x 500 pixels)

3. Write an engaging bio

4. Customize your color scheme

5. Add a follow button on your blog

6. Add a Twitter share button to your blog posts

7. Set up Twitter cards

8. Link to your Twitter account in your author bio

9. Link out to influencers in your blog posts and let them know about it

10. Embed tweets in your blog posts

11. Start using Triberr right now

12. Avoid sending multiple tweetss in a short space of time

13. Stop sending automated DM’s

14. Tweet more (within reason)

15. Engage with other users

16. Follow people who value what you have to say

17. Ask for retweets but used sparingly

18. Vary the type of content you share

19. Add tweetable quotes within your blog posts

20. Leverage and optimize hashtages

21. Pin your best updates to your profile

22. Share the content your audience is interested in

23. Share other people’s content and tag them

24. Take part in Twitter chats

25. Schedule your tweets to be published when your followers are online (use Tweriod to find the best time)


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